Mission Critical Facilities

“Mission Critical” refers to those elements of a business’ infrastructure that a business cannot afford to have fail. If these mission critical elements fail, business operations fail and the business undergoes downtime. In a 24/7, information-driven society, there is a huge range of businesses that have mission critical equipment or mission critical facilities. Industrial, commercial, retail, financial, hospitality, medical and governmental applications, as well as data centers, all have mission critical facilities that need to provide consistent performance. Proactive maintenance and high quality products are essential to keeping mission critical facilities humming, and Mission Critical Facilities International has the expertise to make sure your company is in safe hands.

In many cases the need for mission critical facilities and equipment springs up quickly. Fortunately, Mission Critical Facilities International has solutions to meet this need. Modular data centers can be delivered quickly to provide necessary power for data centers. Significant pieces of infrastructure that support hundreds of people can be turned around in less than 30 days. Financing is available to make sure a project can be funded to its completion in the most organized manner possible. Having been in the business for over 15 years, Mission Critical Facilities International is sensitive to the largest and smallest concerns of customers needing assistance or products for their mission critical systems.

Mission Critical Facilities International is equipped to handle every mission critical need. We buy and sell generators, UPS units, transfer switches, switchgear, and other essential equipment, new or used. We can complete end-to-end turnkey projects anywhere in the world to expand your presence and power your business. We can also provide consulting in more targeted ways – for UPS & Power Distribution, Data Center Precision Cooling, Power Generation, and more.

If you need mission critical products, services, or consulting to protect your valuable investment, contact Mission Critical Facilities International today.