Refurbished & Used Cummins Generators

Mission Critical Facilities International Sells Refurbished Cummins Generators.

If you are interested in buying or selling a refurbished Cummins Generator, please contact us with your inquiry.

The pride and skill used to construct a Cummins generator don’t deteriorate over time. Even well-used Cummins generators, refurbished or not, remain such high-quality pieces of machinery over time that their utility keeps growing the longer you use them.

Luckily, you can harness the power of a Cummins generator without paying for a brand new one. Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) takes used Cummins generators and puts them through a rigorous refurbishment and testing cycle to return them to like-new condition. Get the greatest value out of your power output with used & refurbished Cummins generators for sale at Mission Critical Facilities International.

Testing & Rebuilding for Quality Control

Our engineers perform a checklist of quality control items at MCFI’s ambitious standards when a used Cummins generator enters our stock.

  • Full, top-to-bottom inspection
  • Load bank and test
  • New paint as needed

Taking a thorough & careful look at a used Cummins generator helps us understand how to better serve our customers and get the most out of every single machine. Generators are serviced by experts with countless years of experience handling, building, and repairing machinery.

That’s why when you purchase a used or refurbished Cummins generator for sale from Mission Critical, you can count on a level of performance far superior to that of an ordinary, well-aged generator.

Save More with a Trade-in

Mission Critical Facilities International needs generators to rebuild just as much as we want to provide you with reliable refurbished Cummins generators when you require them. In answer to our mutual needs, we offer credit for almost any kind of IT-related equipment that you can put toward the purchase of any of the used & refurbished Cummins generators we have for sale.

We are interested in all Cummins generators, including models DFEH, DFEJ, DFED and DQKAB.

Let us know what equipment you want to trade and we’ll figure out how to get you the best deal for the equipment you want and the best price on the equipment you no longer need. By helping one another out, we can save power, energy, resources, and money.

OEM-Backed Warranty

Based on the age and make of the equipment, we can often offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranties. Warranty terms vary according to the age, condition, and model of equipment. Mission Critical Facilities International believes so much in our equipment performance that we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your warranty covers as many situations as possible.

You’ll also have the luxury of our extensive customer service. Purchase a used or refurbished Cummins generator for sale from our facilities and we’ll open our lines to your questions and comments. Work with our teams to make sure you get the most out of your purchase.

Find out what used & refurbished Cummins generators we have for sale, and if you have comments or concerns, feel free to talk to our experienced Mission Critical Facilities International specialists. When you're ready, get your hands on a used or refurbished Cummins generator for your data center and enjoy constant, reliable, environmentally friendly power today!