Containerized Modular Data Centers

Data centers don’t stay one size forever. As your needs grow, so will the size and location of your data storage facility. Container data centers offer a flexible solution to rapid growth and expanding needs. Your entire mobile data center can be installed, run, and managed out of a shipping container environment that is ideal for:

  • Growing technology businesses
  • Large-scale infrastructure companies
  • International enterprises
  • Ventures with expanding markets

The modern information technology infrastructure is changing just as rapidly as technology itself. The performance of devices improves with each new upgrade and unprecedented technological discovery, and the IT infrastructures that support improvements need to evolve rapidly along with those devices.

Mission Critical Facilities International stays one step ahead of technology by providing data center container solutions that deploy quickly, are easily expandable, and can move at a moment’s notice. Our data centers also focus on energy efficiency and user accessibility to provide superior sustainability for our clients and the world in which they live.

Unique Features of the Containerized Data Center:

Container-based data centers offer commoditization of data center components and services that allow for:

Mobility - Delivery and deployment of data centers in shipping containers eases shipment to new or expanded locations. Plug and play setup won’t hinder your business needs after you move. Just ship it and forget it.

Affordability - Factory-based setup for each new system makes installation more affordable than ever. You save on your initial investment and maintenance, too, since the power, cooling and IT requirements scale together.

Deployability - Most shipping container data centers can be delivered with 400 to 2,000 servers pre-wired and pre-tested in the factory. Once they arrive on location, they are ready to run almost immediately.

Environmental Friendliness - There are no packing materials or boxes that create unnecessary waste. Servers are delivered installed and ready to boot. Temperature control and energy needs are moderated by the shipping container.

Hyper-optimization - Forego the fragmentation of traditional data center designs and focus instead on your data-specific needs without worrying about the worst case scenario. Optimize your system for capacity and speed, not disaster.

Don’t limit the scope of your business with an aging and immobile data storage facility. Rely on the proven advantages of the containerized data center to drive your business to the next level.

Your Global Partner for All of Your Data Center Needs

Each member of the Mission Critical Facilities International team is a data center infrastructure expert with broad industry knowledge and years of experience. Any of our team members are available to answer your questions about your data requirements and how our solutions will fit into your business model.

We install, maintain, and repair all data centers that we provide. From installation to the success of your company, we take care of the entire data center solution so you can focus on your business. Our company takes deep pride in the long-term relationships we create with our clients, and we want to show you why so many of them have trusted us for countless years.

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