Thomson Power Systems

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When it comes to power, you need reliability in every area relating to power protection and power generation. Thomson Power Systems has been providing high quality electrical systems and specific products, such as transfer switches, switchgear, and controls, since 1973, carving out an enviable reputation in the power industry. Thomson Power Systems can be found in industrial, commercial, agricultural, residential, and mission critical applications around the world.

Thomson Power Systems' switchgear line is targeted at low and medium voltage applications. Switchgear incorporates circuit breakers, switches, and fuses to control equipment in an electric power system. Thomson Power Systems’ switchgear is particularly reliable and can be trusted to help increase the longevity and performance of your electric power system.

Transfer switches are also essential to the proper functioning of an electric power system. A transfer switch enables the load to shift between two power sources. When you are switching over to generator power, you can count on Thomson Power Systems’ transfer switches to provide the reliable load switching that you require.

Thomson Power Systems’ products are designed with a devotion to quality and consumer needs. Thomson Power Systems’ products are able to handle industrial applications while maintaining ease of use and a variety of useful control and interface options.

Mission Critical Facilities International is proud to supply Thomson Power Systems’ transfer switches and switchgear, new and used, for purchase. We also buy used transfer switches and switchgear. Contact us today to purchase a Thomson Power Systems’ product, or for expert advice on the piece of equipment that best fits your electric power system needs.