Thomson Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Mission Critical Facilities International is Proud to Buy & Resell Thomson ATS Equipment.

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Automatic transfer switches (ATS) from Thomson Power Systems are widely used in commercial, industrial, agricultural, and mission critical settings. If you operate a facility that can’t afford to lose power, even for a few seconds, a Thomson ATS will ensure that you can switch from a primary to a secondary power source without interruption.

Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) carries a wide range of Thomson automatic transfer switches at competitive prices. If you’re not sure which ATS is best for your facility, we can meet with you and make a recommendation. We can also manage the installation and maintenance of your Thomson ATS so that your power system always runs smoothly.

Why Choose Thomson Automatic Transfer Switches?

When you choose automatic transfer switches from Thomson Power Systems, you’re choosing a field-tested solution from a power generation leader. Thomson has built a name for themselves developing innovative ATS for low and medium voltage applications across many industries. No matter what kind of facility you operate, you can count on Thomson ATS equipment for:

  • Durability: Whether you need a rugged ATS for harsh agricultural environments or an ATS with a high withstand current rating for commercial uses, Thomson can provide it.
  • Ease of Operation: Models are available with microprocessor-based controllers and touchscreen interfaces for easy, intuitive operation. All control devices are visible and readily accessible.
  • Flexibility: Thomson’s automatic transfer switches range from 100 amps to 4000 amps. Open transition, closed transition (momentary or soft load), and dual source operation systems are available. ATS can be configured as standard, service entrance, bypass/isolation, or service entrance and bypass isolation models.
  • Reliability: Thomson automatic transfer switches are built to last, and the mission critical model comes with an optional five-year warranty.
  • Safety: All Thomson automatic transfer switches have received industry recognition for meeting safety standards, with UL 1008 and CSA C22.2 no. 178 certifications.

Benefits of Buying from Mission Critical Facilities International

MCFI provides best-in-class power generation products for mission critical facilities, but we do much more than just that. We pride ourselves on forming long-lasting professional relationships with our clients and helping with installation, maintenance, and replacement of data center infrastructure.

When you first contact us about a Thomson Power Systems ATS, we’ll talk to you about your facility needs and challenges to ensure you’re getting the best solution for your case. If we don’t have the exact ATS you need in stock, we’ll source it for you.

There’s no need to worry about the installation process once your ATS arrives—our team can integrate it into your existing power system. If you require regular or unexpected maintenance for your ATS, we’ll handle it for you. Think of MCFI as your partner in power and cooling infrastructure management.

Browse our selection of Thomson automatic transfer switches now, and contact us to learn more. Our team of experts will be happy to help you find the right power transfer solution for your mission critical facility.