Siemens Generators

Mission Critical is Proud to Buy & Resell Siemens Generators.

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At Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI), we carry primary and backup generators from some of the best brands in the industry, including Siemens. Since founder Werner von Siemens invented the electrical generator in 1866, Siemens the company has strived to introduce energy-efficient, high-output generators to mission critical facilities. Through their dedication of continuously testing and improving their products, they have become a global leader in the power generation industry.

Whether you are looking for primary or standby generators from Siemens, Mission Critical Facilities International can connect you with the right power solutions. We’ve built strong professional relationships with manufacturers like Siemens, which allows us to source generators at competitive prices and pass the savings on to our customers. Learn more about the benefits of ordering these generators through Mission Critical Facilities International below.

Why Choose Siemens for Your Power Generation?

Siemens designs and manufactures electrical generators from 25 to 2,235 MVA, providing the right-size solution for a wide range of industrial applications. Choose from air-cooled, hydrogen-cooled, and water-cooled generators, all of which are designed to be energy-efficient without compromising performance.

  • The air-cooled generators are a cost-effective option and deliver up to 370 MVA and efficiency of up to 98.9%.
  • Hydrogen-cooled generators harness hydrogen for low frictional losses, leading to greater efficiency. Their hydrogen generators are known for their high performance and longevity; the SGen-2000H series has a maximum output of 600 MVA and efficiency levels up to 99%.
  • The generators with water-cooled stators and hydrogen-cooled rotors have ratings of up to 1,270 MVA for steamed and combined cycle applications, making them a popular choice for large steam power plants.

In addition to manufacturing primary power generators, they also make backup generators that provide reliable protection from power outages. You are also able to purchase Siemens portable gensets to provide backup power to remote or hard-to-access locations.

No matter what Siemens power generation solution you choose, you’ll get a generator that has been rigorously tested for optimal performance and designed for ease of use. Their generators are designed to be low-maintenance, and the few components that do require maintenance are easily accessible.

Benefits of Buying from Mission Critical Facilities International

Mission Critical Facilities International is made up of a team of power and cooling infrastructure experts, and we apply our years of experience to every customer interaction. If you’re unsure which generator solution is right for your facility, we’ll work with you to find the equipment that best meets your needs. We’re vendor-agnostic, which means we carry products from a wide range of leading brands, including generators from Siemens, CAT, Cummins, and MTU.

In addition to helping you select the right power and cooling systems, we’ll also handle installation and maintenance. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our customers rather than just moving on after making a sale. If you have any questions or maintenance requests after we’ve installed your generator, give us a call. With Mission Critical Facilities International handling installation and maintenance, you’ll be able to concentrate on the big picture decisions that go into running your facility.

Ready to purchase a generator from Mission Critical Facilities International? Browse our generators category or Siemens brand page to get started. If you don’t find the specific product you’re looking for, let us know—we’re often able to source generators by working with our manufacturing partners.

If you have any questions about the services or equipment we carry, contact us directly at Mission Critical Facilities International. Our team of experts will be happy to help.