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It's hard to beat the storied history of Kohler and its innovations in power. After the close of World War I, Kohler entered into the power industry when business owners realized they could take advantage of their experience in cast iron and the demand for agricultural electricity. They created a power plant from early Kohler generators that provided 3 times the normal power output of generators at the time. They responded to demands for electricity by turning on when needed and off when not needed. Rural areas began to rely on Kohler power plants before large power networks arrived.

Modern Kohler generators span a remarkable variety of applications with power capacities and mobility options that cater to small families and huge industrial conglomerates alike. As a renowned and well-endorsed power innovator, Kohler knows the electricity demands of modern data centers and provides heavy-duty Kohler standby and backup generators with a level of trust that can't be matched by their competition.

Why Choose Kohler?

Kohler gensets are backed by over 80 years of experience and innovation in the field of power. They were among the first companies to produce a generator that could handle over 750 kW and have maintained their speed of power revolution throughout their growth. Some of the features that make commercial Kohler generators special are:

  • High-Performance, Low Volume – The engine inside the generators is air-cooled and features a specialized sound-dampening enclosure that allows it to run at maximum efficiency while retaining a low noise profile so you don't have to sacrifice manpower for electric power.
  • Simple Fueling – Kohler boast an Accu-Fill™ feature that provides safe, easy refilling via a comparably larger fuel duct. The inlet helps keep fuel of any kind from spilling over the edges, wasting resources, and harming the planet.
  • Smart Engine Protection – Engines include a smart Oil Sentry™ feature that reads the volume of available oil and automatically shuts the engine down in low-oil conditions, saving you time and money for costly repairs and downtime.
  • Professional Engineering – Portable backup generators sport diesel engines, professional-grade engines manufactured for use in world-class industry, business, and commerce. Engines are built to provide lean muscle and live long.

Data centers are some of the most demanding power consumers in the modern world. Fortunately, the designers and engineers at Kohler have stayed one step ahead in their industry and can offer Kohler backup generators to even the most complex data centers in any industry. Don't leave your most important data to chance – keep your data center running smoothly under tough conditions with Kohler.

Continuous Kohler Innovation

Commercial Kohler generators were a revolution when they were introduced post-war. Success during the height of the war allowed Kohler to continue to push the limits of power generation during the 1950s and 1960s. New emergency power generators were designed for facilities in need of standby generators. Kohler provided affordable electricity generation to hospitals, factories, government installations and more.

New markets and a shift in marketing pushed Kohler to grow its name during the 1980s and 1990s. Once they were established as an industry leader, teams at Kohler committed themselves to retaining their influence by crafting products that continue to test the limits of portable power. The result is the modern set of Kohler gensets that can be found powering worldwide operations on a daily basis.

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