Atlas Copco Generators

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Atlas Copco is a prolific, international productivity company with more than 43,000 group employees who contribute to company success worldwide. They conduct business in over 180 countries with a commitment to improve productivity and energy use. Efficiency is key to the Atlas Copco business model, and the company plans to increase all of their customers' energy efficiency 20% by the year 2020.

Atlas Copco generators are no exception to the group's efforts toward excellence. The manufacturing of all their generators meets or exceeds ISO 9001 quality assurance regulations. The group doesn't cut any corners - every component is produced and tested to precision standards so that every machine is just as versatile and powerful as the next. Efficiency and usability are at the top of the priority list for designers and development teams, and their pledge to innovate shines in the products that come out of their factories.

Why Choose an Atlas Copco Generator?

Atlas Copco will provide everything you need in a generator – power, safety, and options – plus unique innovations that only a company undertaking consistent effort toward innovation can provide. A company culture built around the desire to make its customers' lives more efficient can produce wonders in the world of productivity. With an Atlas Copco genset, you'll get:

  • Increased Uptime – More power for longer means you won't have to worry about your generator going down in the middle of your job. Carefully selected components work together in tested configurations to produce constant power with minimal downtime.
  • Real-World Versatility – Generator mobility and advanced controls coupled with unbeatable voltage and amperage capacity ranges allow users from many different fields to use the same generator for an endless variety of power-hungry jobs.
  • Low-Cost Ownership – Thanks to quality parts and construction, the generators have a whopping 500-hour service interval, giving you the freedom to utilize their efficient transport handling to complete lots of jobs before they need another tune-up.
  • Easy Maintenance – Quick access and streamlined design put Atlas Copco at the head of the pack for maintenance. Fixing problems is quick and easy for technicians or even your maintenance and IT teams when you rely on the power of an Atlas generator.

The demands of a data center call for the solutions of a company that believes in what they do. Their generators are designed to be used in a huge variety of circumstances and are just as effective as a power source for your data center as they are for use in emergency disaster situations. Rely on generators designed for you with Atlas Copco.

The Atlas Copco Definition of Sustainability

Atlas Copco takes a different approach to sustainability than most of its competitors. While the company approaches its own productivity tools with an effort to keep emissions and power usage low, it also lends a helping hand to those interested in creating new and exciting ways to save the earth.

The innovators at Atlas Copco have lent a hand to the threaded fasteners in Tesla's electric powered cars, provided drilling equipment to Japan's Iwate prefecture to help clean the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, and created productivity equipment that is used in emergency and critical care facilities worldwide.

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