Telecommunications Industry Data Center Solutions

The evolution of telecommunications has happened slowly enough that we aren't shocked by it, but quickly enough that the telecommunications industry has needed to change the way communications are handled on a daily basis. Long voice lines and comprehensive cell networks no longer dominate telecommunications. Phone calls are giving way to the power and influence of convenient, on-demand telecommunications data centers that have largely eliminated the need to begin a person-to-person exchange.

Therefore, it is the quality of data service that now defines the value of a telecommunications provider. Telecom giants in America and overseas are creating new data centers and commissioning major expansions on existing data centers to ensure that the data services that they provide can exceed customer expectations. It's a brand new game, and if you want to compete, you'll need the advanced telecommunications data center hardware and equipment only available from Mission Critical Facilities International to make your impact.

IT Challenges in Telecommunications

The days of endless strings of telephone lines have passed. Cell towers and far-reaching streams of underground wiring have replaced them. The trend is clear – we want to pass data and information across the sky and through the ground and channel it to our favorite devices – and telecom will be the bearer of this responsibility. Telecommunication providers must contend with:

  • Increasingly high demand for data-driven services – Talk-and-text packages no longer hold the value they once did as a larger and larger number of developed countries hunger for data-rich communications rather than traditional voice exchanges.
  • Need for new business models – Service providers have a need to monetize their services to stay in business and grow to provide lifestyle improvements and changes for their customers. Learning how to provide these services at a reasonable cost means reevaluating telecom in general.
  • Logistics of data center expansion – Building new data centers and expanding existing ones are both scenarios that require a keen investment in both time and money. Telecom providers will need to find affordable ways to continue to provide services to an expanding market.

Answering the Call for Modern Telecom

The expectation in modern telecommunications is that data center equipment and hardware will always be on and working. Customers provide a premium for a service that they believe should not stop, so uninterruptible power supplies, or UPS systems, in telecommunications are crucial to an effective infrastructure.

A telecom company's data center will swiftly become the heart of its operations. Telecommunications data center solutions can help facilitate:

  • Ongoing carrier-grade services
  • Around-the-clock customer support
  • Grand-scale telecom network maintenance
  • Unpredictable data streaming demand

Data centers that are prepared for expansion and exceed the server demands of their customers have the best chance of success in modern telecommunications. With a reliable UPS system backing your data in case of the unexpected, customers are sure to find satisfaction with their telecom services.

Mission Critical Facilities International Can Help Keep Communication Alive

Even in a world less reliant on traditional communications, Mission Critical Facilities International maintains the expertise that will keep your telecom efforts ahead of your competitors. For your telecommunications company, Mission Critical Facilities International can:

  • Provide expertise, recommendations, distribution, and installation of the data center equipment you need for your telecommunications services
  • Maintain your uninterruptible power source (UPS) and batteries so your customers have constant access to the data they demand
  • Perform maintenance on your power generation equipment to ensure constant uptime, even in adverse conditions
  • Manage your critical infrastructure, even as the telecommunications industry makes sweeping changes in the blink of an eye

Call us at (877) 881-2781 or send a message to one of our experts to start learning about how telecommunications data center solutions from Mission Critical Facilities International can bring your telecom efforts into the next generation of communication.