Power Generation and Utility Company
Data Center Solutions

The experts at Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) have years of experience with building and maintaining data centers for power generation and utility companies. Whether you’re creating a new facility or upgrading an existing one, we’ll provide dependable power generation data center infrastructure and the UPS(s) and power backup systems your utility company needs to prevent any disruption in service.

Maintaining a reasonable quality of life for the population depends on power and utilities. Therefore, having a power plant, water system, sewer system, or communications network go down for even just a few hours could cause major problems for communities of all sizes. It is absolutely essential for all utility and power generation companies to have reliable data center and communications equipment that protects our critical utility infrastructure by keeping these systems in constant operation. Read on to learn more about why reliable power generation and utility company-focused data center and telecommunication solutions are crucial for both your industry and for society at large.

IT Challenges for Power Generation and Utility Companies

Power generation and utility company data centers and telco switching sites support large networks that need to maintain communication at all times. If any of the elements of a utility’s network can’t communicate with each other at a given point, major errors or delays may occur. Dependable DC plants, UPS(s), and backup generators make sure the flow of information remains constant for the utility companies.

One of the primary functions of utility company data center equipment is to support a supervisory control and data acquisition system, or SCADA. SCADA is a high-level type of networking that controls utility grids, water systems, pipelines, and sanitation systems, among other things. All systems that drive control of these functions for a utility company need reliable power backups—without them, SCADA can’t control the utility grid. Utility company backup power systems also provide security from bad actors that may try to sabotage the grid, jeopardizing a community’s public health and productivity.

High-quality power generation data center equipment is also necessary for managing the machine networking systems at power plants. Losing power during energy production could prevent a utility company from distributing all of the resources it needs to share across the grid. Errors that disrupt the efficient operation of combustion- or nuclear fission-powered heat engines may also have dangerous consequences.

Critical Power Generation and Utility Company Data Center Functions

Utilities, water, and communications systems are the pillars of modern society, and we can’t afford to take chances with them. It takes top-of-the-line data center equipment for power generation and utility companies to operate without any risk of power failure, security breaches, or blocked communication channels, all of which could bring great harm to the local population. Utility company data center solutions and power backups are necessary for:

  • Supporting SCADA systems that control a community’s power grid, water system, and other essential utilities
  • Keeping lines of communication such as dispatch and radio systems open at all times
  • Backing up power plants’ machine networking systems

MCFI can provide the data center infrastructure equipment your power generation and utility company needs to modernize your facilities or create entirely new ones. We’ll manage the entire installation from start to finish and provide ongoing maintenance for the length of our partnership, ensuring that power failures and lapses in utility services are never causes for concern.

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