Military and Government Data Center Solutions

As the government continues to reform IT spending, many military data centers will need to be decommissioned or retrofitted to meet energy requirements. Defense contractors tasked with shutting down or upgrading data centers need to partner with experienced data center infrastructure specialists to keep their projects on budget and schedule.

Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) provides the data center solutions the U.S. military and government need. We have years of experience managing government-contracted data center infrastructure projects, with responsibilities ranging from replacing outdated hardware to assembling mobile data centers to maintaining UPS systems for the military. We’re familiar with the biggest data center challenges the military faces, and we’re able to provide cost-effective, vendor-agnostic solutions.

Challenges for Military Data Centers

While the military and government have greater technology capabilities than almost any other industry, they also have an excess of outdated data center hardware. The military has been tasked with reducing its aging data center inventory and ensuring that remaining data centers have Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of under 1.5.

If you’re a defense contractor managing data centers for the military, you’re likely facing demands to upgrade or decommission certain facilities. You may also be juggling multiple subcontractors in an effort to manage all your project’s moving parts, which could include handling hazardous materials and recycling or breaking down military data center equipment. Not only does working with multiple vendors take up valuable time, but it can also quickly consume your budget.

To streamline your data center infrastructure projects, work with Mission Critical Facilities International. We handle military data center infrastructure projects from start to finish, including sourcing equipment and working with partners from our trusted professional network. We have experience managing turnkey installation and decommissioning projects around the world, and we always welcome a challenge.

Moving Towards Mobile Data Centers

In addition to decommissioning and retrofitting military data centers, MCFI also has experience setting up mobile data centers for government contracts. We assemble and install mobile data centers that can be rolled onto airplanes and deployed anywhere in the world, even in war zones. These data centers are designed so that they can be set up and running in less than 48 hours, even when engineers aren’t on hand. They are also durable enough to handle harsh climates and temperature extremes.

Thanks to our vendor agnostic status and extensive network of manufacturers, we’re able to source the rugged data center equipment—including UPS systems—the military needs.

Mission Critical Facilities International: Your Military Data Center Specialists

As a government or military contractor, you can trust MCFI to deliver the expertise you need for your next data center infrastructure project. Our services include:

  • Management of critical infrastructure, including turnkey installation and decommissioning projects
  • Retrofitting of existing data centers using new or refurbished military data center hardware
  • Maintenance of UPS and batteries, so military data is always available
  • Maintenance on any equipment that generates power to provide near 100% uptime, even in difficult conditions

Call MCFI at (877) 881-2781 or fill out our contact form to talk to us about our government and military data center solutions.