Manufacturing Data Center Solutions

The modern manufacturing enterprise involves much more than factories and warehouses full of machinery. Today’s manufacturing industry depends on intricate nerve centers that manage production schedules, enable engineering software, track time and attendance for thousands of employees, and do everything else it takes to produce large quantities of products efficiently and affordably. The slightest flaw in a manufacturer’s data center power backup system could cost a company not just millions of dollars but also time and its reputation.

Count on the experts at Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) to manage your project with a full suite of manufacturer data center solutions. We’ll source all the equipment your data center needs for manufacturing, like UPS and power backup systems, install it at your site, and provide ongoing maintenance to keep your production facilities running at full capacity for the life of your business. Our economy relies on manufactured products in countless ways, and you can rely on our manufacturing data center solutions to support your efforts.

IT Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

For a manufacturing company to be profitable, it must plan and follow through with tight production schedules down to the last second. You can’t afford to waste time or materials—any deviation from the production plan could result in an enormous loss of money or resources, and if you fail to fill a client’s order, you could also lose ongoing business as well.

Whether you’re manufacturing something as commonplace as glass or as sensitive and valuable as semiconductors, diamonds, or pharmaceuticals, your facility needs to maintain constant power throughout the whole process. Manufacturers without reliable generators and power backup systems run the risk of losing a whole collection of products if even the smallest disturbance in voltage occurs.

In addition to the products themselves, faulty or outdated manufacturing data center equipment is a threat to the company’s financial information, research and development findings, and efficient workforce management, among many other things. Losing data from a development project could mean hours of research and labor lost, and flaws in the programs responsible for scheduling and paying employees could lead to chaos on the production floor. A company’s entire nerve center must be covered by manufacturer-specific power backups and UPS systems to ensure ongoing success at all levels.

Critical Manufacturing Data Center Functions

A consistently dependable and high-performing data center infrastructure system is necessary for manufacturing companies to maintain their lines of production and various other logistical operations. The key functions performed by manufacturing data center equipment include:

  • Maintaining CAD/CAM production schedules and other engineering objectives
  • Managing schedules, tracking attendance, and fulfilling payment for employees across the entire organization
  • Facilitating enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to manage day-to-day business operations
  • Managing the company’s financial data
  • Backing up network connectivity with power systems

Manufacturers with generators, UPS, and power backup systems installed and maintained by MCFI don’t have to worry about falling behind schedule or losing a customer due to losing power or data. Partner with us and we’ll deliver all the manufacturer data center solutions you need to make top-of-the-line products every time.

Trust MCFI For Your Manufacturing Data Center

If you aren’t sure where to begin with finding the right equipment for your manufacturing company’s data center, don’t worry. The MCFI team will handle your whole project from beginning to end, making recommendations and keeping you apprised of our progress so you’ll always know exactly what we’re doing and how it’s going.

Get started by filling out our online contact form or calling (877) 881-2781. One of our data center experts will be happy to discuss your manufacturing business’ needs in great detail.