Hyperscale Cloud Provider Industry
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Hyperscaling is becoming a highly competitive landscape. The field is dominated by a small selection of the largest companies in the world—the likes of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Tencent, etc.—and each one is fighting for greater market share by delivering on their promises to clients faster and cheaper than everyone else. For their computer architecture to scale appropriately and meet service level agreements without a moment’s lapse, hyperscalers need reliable generators, UPSs, power backup systems, and other types of data center infrastructure equipment critical to cloud providers.

No one is better prepared to help hyperscale companies meet the challenges of a rapidly growing and changing industry than Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI). We have experience with building, upgrading, and maintaining hyperscale data centers that consistently provide the speed and power these companies need to manage their core services while driving innovation. See how our cloud provider data center solutions can help your company remain competitive in the hyperscale environment.

IT Challenges for Hyperscale Cloud Providers

Downtime isn’t an option for hyperscale cloud providers. To meet their basic service level agreements with clients, hyperscalers’ need their servers to run at high speeds without interruption, or else they risk losing business to a competitor. Installing dependable UPSs and generators in cloud providers’ data centers, along with high-efficiency cooling, is paramount to maintaining the minimum standard of service clients expect from hyperscalers.

Of course, hyperscale clients aren’t content with the minimum standard. FAANG companies are constantly trying to push the boundaries of what cloud computing is capable of, and they need technology that can keep up with their efforts. Hyperscale data center hardware should support FAANG companies’ innovative explorations while maintaining excellent service for their basic operations.

One particular innovation of import to hyperscale companies is the push for renewable energy. As both leaders in their industries and subjects of constant public scrutiny, it’s in FAANG companies’ best interest to pursue more environmentally friendly means of operating. Most hyperscale companies are under pressure to use cloud provider data center solutions that work with alternative energy instead of the usual diesel generators. MCFI is on the forefront of replacement solutions for diesel generators using hydrogen fuel cells.

Critical Hyperscale Data Center Cloud Provider Functions

Only 24 companies are currently prominent enough in the cloud computing industry to be considered hyperscalers—together, these two dozen entities take up 70% of the world’s cloud computing space. If even one hyperscaler experienced significant downtime, it could have a major impact on business operations, public services, and other internet-dependent functions across the globe. Hyperscale UPSs, generators, and power backups must be in place to prevent significant disruption to our modern way of life.

Reliable, high-performance cloud provider data center equipment enables hyperscalers to meet SLAs while also pushing for the advancements necessary to keep their industry growing sustainably. The company that gets better, faster results with lesser costs (to both capital and natural resources) will come out on top. Hyperscalers are looking for data center solutions that will help them optimize internal operations and stay ahead of the competition.

MCFI’s skills and experience will give your company the edge it needs. We’ll build your new hyperscale data center or upgrade your existing ones with innovative, top-quality digital infrastructure solutions and UPSs sourced from our extensive supplier ecosystem. When your data center is complete, we’ll continue to monitor your facility on an ongoing basis and perform any maintenance tasks, upgrades, and battery replacements required throughout its life cycle.

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