Casino and Gaming Industry Data Center Solutions

Gaming data centers are much like any other data center in the country, but require stricter parameters and additional safety precautions. Gambling is a highly-regulated industry and data centers, like government facilities, must meet high stringency and necessities for security. Many casino companies run their own servers in internal casino data centers, which Mission Critical Facilities International can help service and set up.

Mission Critical Facilities International can provide services to streamline your data center operation. We offer our many years of IT expertise, delivering always-on equipment for your gaming institution. We can help save you costs by helping manage your casino UPS, generators, and critical infrastructure, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Casino Data Center Solutions

  • Reliability- From the slot machines that use algorithms to the high-definition video cameras that monitor all areas of the floor, casinos have a lot of moving parts. Mission Critical Facilities International provides the equipment, including generators and UPS systems, that keeps everything running. This reliability is key to helping a casino maintain a positive reputation, deliver the experience guests are looking for, and keep staff and guests safe.
  • Cooling- Due to large numbers of servers and increased cost for cooling, data centers have used unique cooling methods, -- including direct expansion, chilled water, and direct or indirect evaporative. The external components often look like tractor trailers on stilts that feed cold air into the server room and pump out hot air. In Las Vegas, a popular location for casinos, the desert ensures a somewhat predictable climate, but it’s important that data centers can adapt to any climatological or geological condition and cool efficiently.
  • Redundancy- In Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other casino cities, much of the power is derived from natural gas-fueled power plants. It’s necessary to have diesel generators onsite (and contracts with fuel suppliers) to supply power in case of total power loss. Mission Critical Facilities International can ensure that you have constant uptime in your data center with our generator maintenance and critical infrastructure management. With important data containing details of millions of dollars in transactions, 100% uptime is vital. In a hypothetical 30-minute outage, it’s possible that up to 12,000 casino transactions would fail.
  • Security- Due to the high-risk nature of losing casino data, protecting gaming data center hardware is extremely important. Armed guards often protect gaming facilities, patrolling the area in Humvees or other armored vehicles. Although not every data center is protected to this extent, they generally have some degree of security to them, requiring high level access to enter. Mission Critical Facilities International can help ensure you have the security you need.

Mission Critical Facilities International and Your Facility

Running casino data center hardware is complicated, requiring your organization to manage multiple aspects including data, security, technology, and much more. Mission Critical Facilities International can assist in the set-up and maintenance of your facility. We can help you achieve close to 100% uptime while keeping your gaming data center safe.

We can provide:

  • Our expertise, recommendations, distribution, and installation of data center equipment for your casino.
  • Maintenance for your UPS and batteries so your casino transactions aren’t interrupted and your data is always available
  • Generator maintenance for uptime during emergencies
  • Project management for your critical infrastructure
  • New and refurbished data center equipment, including generators, UPS, and HVAC systems

Contact Mission Critical Facilities International today so we can help you manage your facility. Call us at 1-877-881-2781 or contact us here to get more information. We’ll help you make your gaming facility easier to manage, while being compliant with the latest safety standards.