Financial Services and Banking Industry Data Center Solutions

You can never be too careful when finances are involved. Financial services organizations like FinTech, banks, and investment firms depend on efficient, ultra-reliable data center systems and equipment to manage large volumes of sensitive data with the highest level of security. Banking data centers, generators, and power backup systems must run continuously and maintain high performance—any failure to provide uptime for financial data could result in a financial institution facing government fines, losses, and a loss of customers.

Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) has years of experience with sourcing, installing, and maintaining data center equipment like power backup systems and generators for financial services institutions of all sizes. We’ll give you everything you need to maintain availability of financial data efficiently and securely to global standards.

IT Challenges for the Financial Services Industry

Continuity and security are the primary issues when it comes to managing financial data. Financial institutions need to instill public trust in their ability to prevent fraud and keep sensitive data from being sent to bad actors in other countries, among other things. That is not possible without 99.999% data center uptime. Banking data centers must be dependable and powerful enough to protect information on a great scale, covering branches and ATMs everywhere (all of which will route back to the same data centers).

Financial data protection doesn’t only apply to the digital space. Physical bank and ATM locations are constantly being monitored by cameras and have alarm systems in place to discourage fraud and theft. Those systems all tie back to core data centers. Financial institutions need continuous power to keep their security systems running at all times, so it’s very important for a bank’s generators and UPS systems to be up to date and operating at the highest performance possible. Just as banks are always watching over their customers, government agencies are always watching over banks. If the government finds that a financial services institution’s data center isn’t up to modern standards, the bank is sure to be hit with fines and/or other legal complications.

Another challenge particular to financial services organizations is a greater need to manage data for large call centers and remote support agents across the country. Where other industries can offset some of their data management responsibilities by outsourcing their customer support tasks to teams overseas, banks need to keep their call centers in-house, or with onshore outsourced, to ensure the highest levels of security for customer data and their funds. Top-quality data center MEP equipment is necessary to keep a financial organization’s lines of communication open at all times.

Primary Banking Data Center Needs

Financial services organizations rely on data centers to facilitate reliable telecommunications and protect their customers’ financial privacy as tightly as possible. The key functions performed by banking data center equipment include:

  • Managing large volumes of data for nationwide branches and ATMs in one central location
  • Providing dependable backup systems for a bank location’s security cameras and associated video storage
  • Maintaining consistent power for large in-house call centers
  • Providing constant access to all digital services, platforms, financial transfers, and payments

Financial institutions can’t risk compromising their customers’ data or having lines of communication off, no matter how temporarily, or else they’ll face repercussions from the government and earn a bad reputation among the consumers that drive their business. If you don’t have the utmost confidence in your bank’s generators and UPS systems, it’s time to call in the critical infrastructure experts.

Choose Mission Critical Facilities International

With MCFI managing your banking data center project and providing ongoing maintenance for all your FinTech generators and critical power backup systems, you’ll never have to worry about lapses in security or communication. Call us at (877) 881-2781 or reach out via our online contact form to begin a conversation about your financial services institution’s data center needs.