Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Data Center Solutions

Emergencies are unpredictable, but emergency operations centers (EOCs) use data centers and UPS systems to make sure that even when the main power infrastructure of a facility, network, or city shuts down, power and information continues to flow. Maintaining EOCs allows the people and organizations that rely on information to have access to vital resources even when the unexpected occurs. They are the last line of information flow, and they cannot fail.

Fortunately, the power solutions for emergency operations data centers offered by Mission Critical Facility International are purpose-built to satisfy the demands of information technology's last line of defense. Our equipment confidently handles the twists and surprises from nature and our environment that make emergency operations centers a necessity for life on our planet.

Challenges in Emergency Operations Center Upkeep

Access to digital information is no longer an option in our society. We've digitized most of our hard copies of data into denser, more reliable, and freely available digital information bits stored and curated in worldwide data centers, including EOCs. Though our control is now far-reaching, we still cannot command the power of nature, so emergency operation data centers must provide solutions for:

  • Power outages – One of the most common but devastating emergency situations is the brownout or blackout. Small-scale or full-scale power outages can immediately trigger massive and dangerous responses from populations. EOCs must be prepared to handle a lack of power as well as the included repercussions.
  • Infrastructure damage – When an emergency causes permanent damage to the infrastructure of an essential facility or community, those affected depend on emergency centers and their data centers to start repairing the devastation immediately. We make sure those repairs start off right – and quickly.
  • First-responder operations – Emergencies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and other unexpected events don't just inconvenience our populations, they have a massive and lasting negative effect that needs fast, reliable recovery. Emergency response teams rely on access data centers and UPS systems to respond to emergencies in a heartbeat.

Data Center Lights in the Darkness of Emergencies

Things can get hazy and confusing as soon as a disaster hits. Mission Critical Facilities International started building emergency operations data center power solutions and UPS systems with the idea of becoming a guiding light in the very real dark of emergency situations.

When your power solutions are the last line of defense for information technology, the weight of building a strong and reliable power and cooling system is hefty. Successfully implemented, data centers and UPS systems can help facilitate:

  • Disaster recovery efforts
  • Successful refugee sheltering
  • Counter-terrorism operations
  • Large-scale repairing and rebuilding

When all other lights go out, let Mission Critical Facility International's emergency operation data center solutions guide your last-resort operations.

Mission Critical Always Keeps Its Lights On

Maintain the most reliable data center from the power & cooling experts at Mission Critical Facilities International. For your emergency operations center, Mission Critical Facilities International can:

  • Provide expertise, recommendations, distribution, and installation of the data center equipment you need to keep your center online
  • Maintain the uninterruptible power source for your emergency operations center and batteries so those in need have constant access to the data they demand
  • Perform maintenance on your power generation equipment to ensure consistent uptime, even in emergencies
  • Manage your critical infrastructure, even as nature throws its most devastating disasters at you

Call us at (877) 881-2781 or send a message to one of our experts to start learning about how emergency center UPS and data center solutions from Mission Critical Facilities International can bring your emergency operations center into the next generation.