Corporate Campuses Data Center Solutions

Whatever the industry, no modern company can be successful without extensive, reliable data center solutions supporting its operations. The larger the corporation, the more it depends on different kinds of data to function: financials, ERR, CRM, research and development, logistics, and many more. Failing to back up data or losing power for even just a few hours could cost a company millions and set its goals back for months. Keeping connectivity operational is as key as the power. That’s why so many companies rely heavily on backing up corporate campuses with properly planned generators and power quality solutions.

The Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) team has the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to build and maintain secure, highly reliable data centers and generators for corporate campuses of any size. Whatever data center infrastructure equipment your corporate headquarters needs, from backup generators to UPS systems, we’ll supply all the equipment, perform turnkey installation, and provide ongoing maintenance so that all of your business’ various operations run smoothly at all times.

IT Challenges for Corporate Campuses

Most companies like to position themselves as forward-thinking, on the cutting edge of their field, but the truth is most businesses are woefully behind when it comes to the efficiency and performance of their data center equipment for their corporate campuses. Take a quick look at a data center within an average corporate headquarters and you’ll find a lot of old technology that, while it may still be reliable, is far from meeting modern standards.

Part of the problem is that companies build their corporate campuses’ data centers in phases over time rather than all at once. For example, oftentimes a generator at a corporate headquarters may be new while the other data center hardware may be 20 years old. Corporations often don’t know that they’re overspending and oversizing—even if their outdated equipment is still working okay, there are more cost-effective, lower OPEX equipment choices that can perform even better. When businesses finally decide it’s time to replace their end-of-life technology, they find they can’t change out equipment like-for-like because the loads have changed so much over decades. MCFI will help your company bring all of its corporate campus data center infrastructure into the modern age at once, using the latest, most efficient technology available.

Often corporations create problems for themselves by relying too heavily on cloud technology and neglecting legacy infrastructure or not properly backing up new MDFs and IDFs. If you don’t keep your connectivity and security online, the reliability of the cloud becomes moot. Although transferring data center functions to the cloud has substantial benefits, businesses can’t afford to neglect their physical equipment—corporate campuses still need generators, power backup systems, UPS systems, and other tangible technology to protect their data. In addition to installing and maintaining all the right equipment, we’ll work closely with your teams to make sure everyone understands why regular data center maintenance at your corporate campuses is essential, even as you transition more data to the cloud.

What Are Corporate Headquarters’ Data Center Needs?

There’s virtually no end to the reasons why a corporate campus’ data center equipment and power backup systems must be online and working efficiently at all times. Corporate campus data center solutions facilitate, among other things:

  • Telecommunications systems, including interoffice communications and customer support centers
  • Fiber-optic connectivity to the cloud
  • Personal information and financial data attached to customer accounts
  • Research and development findings
  • Lab systems for corporations involved in scientific pursuits
  • Company financial information on a national or global scale

There is too much at stake for large companies to risk losing any amount of data or connectivity. Corporate campuses with reliable data center equipment and generators are crucial to any company’s success.

Partner With Mission Critical Facilities International

Whether you’re renovating a corporate campus or the data center solutions at a current facility need to be updated for the 21st century, MCFI will manage the whole project from beginning to end. Our services include:

  • Drawing from our experience and expertise to recommend, design, and engineer the best solutions for your facility
  • Sourcing and installing the right equipment for your corporate campuses’ data center, including generators and UPS technology
  • Maintaining UPS, batteries, and generators so your company will never have to worry about losing data
  • Making ongoing recommendations to make sure your critical infrastructure is always up to date and meets your changing needs

If you’d like to know more about what MCFI can do for your corporate campus data center, call (877) 881-2781 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to being a part of your company’s future.