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When companies in all kinds of industries don’t want to operate their own data centers, colocation centers come to the rescue. Colocation centers rent server space, equipment, and bandwidth to business concerns all over the world, providing convenient security solutions, storage, power and cooling infrastructure, and connections to network service providers.

Although there is no shortage of companies looking to rent space in a colocation data center, colocation is an increasingly competitive field. Colocation centers are constantly racing to deliver the fastest and most reliable service at the lowest prices, and the smallest gap in competitive advantage could motivate their clients to take their business elsewhere. Colocation centers need dependable and efficient cooling, UPSs, generators, and other colocation center data center equipment to meet their service level agreements (SLAs) with clients without interruption.

Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) will help your business achieve the impeccable service record it takes to attract new clients and make them stick. Our colocation data center solutions include building reliable high-performance facilities, upgrading equipment, and providing ongoing maintenance so your colocation data center always remains current and functional. Learn more about the challenges of operating a successful colocation center and how our knowledge and experience can help you surmount them.

IT Challenges for Colocation Centers

Colocation centers face immense pressure from their clients to host the fastest servers and networking capabilities as cheaply as possible without any lapse in reliability. These are difficult expectations to meet in any industry, but colocation centers have little wiggle room—if service fails or communication stalls for even a moment, their demanding clients will leave and rent from a competitor instead. Time and money are major concerns when sourcing and installing colocation UPSs, generators, high-efficiency cooling, and other equipment.

Meeting SLAs is further complicated by the fact that colocation centers work with companies in various industries instead of concentrating on one field. Different customers have different technical requirements, and colocation data centers have to work perfectly for all of them at once. To make matters even more difficult, colocation centers must also comply with rules and regulations in different jurisdictions simultaneously, since their clients are unlikely to be located in the same region. Essentially, colocation centers need data center infrastructure equipment that can meet each client’s needs at a highly specific level while still delivering a high performance universally.

Critical Colocation Data Center Functions

To deliver on your promises to clients faster than anyone else in your industry, your colocation data center equipment always needs to be fully operational without error. Well-maintained and regularly upgraded cooling, generators, and UPSs are essential for providing your colocation clients with the resilience and uninterrupted service they expect from you. Colocation power systems must also be in place to keep everything operating normally through any power failures.

While colocation centers work to meet their current SLAs with clients, they’re also pushing for technological innovations that will help them deliver faster, more reliable, and more efficient service and stand out from their competitors. A colocation data center solutions partner like MCFI will source equipment and design critical infrastructure that helps your business move colocation center capabilities forward.

Choose MCFI for Your Colocation Data Center Services

The experts at Mission Critical Facilities International are excited to provide your colocation data center with highly reliable, cost-effective solutions that will keep your clients from so much as looking at a competitor. With one eye on your business and another on the future, you can count on us to maintain your facility’s high performance and identify new opportunities for improvement proactively. Call us on the phone at (877) 881-2781 or go through our online contact form to talk over your colocation data center requirements with a member of our team.