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Data Center Solutions in Huntsville

Huntsville is the second-largest city in Alabama. It boasts a variety of businesses in the aerospace and military technology industries, and it serves as a major regional hub for research and development, thanks in part to the University of Alabama and Cummings Research Park, the second-largest research park in the U.S. For all these reasons, the Huntsville area is an excellent location for your next data center.

If you’re considering Huntsville for a new data center, or if you already operate facilities in the region, make Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) your critical infrastructure partner. Our unmatched experience and trusted network of contractors, vendors, and IT specialists can provide all the infrastructure services you need in Huntsville during the entire life of your facility.

Huntsville Generator and UPS Turnkey Projects and Service Locations


Huntsville Critical Infrastructure Solutions on Demand

When you need end-to-end project management, expert preventative maintenance, or data center equipment in Huntsville, look no further than MCFI. We can facilitate the complete setup of a new data center or decommission an old one. We can also retrofit your existing equipment to meet your business’ growing needs.

  • Turnkey Projects: You can count on MCFI to handle every aspect of your UPS or generator turnkey project in Huntsville as efficiently as possible. We have over 15 years of experience with completing unique and challenging projects for clients all over the world, and we welcome the chance to come up with individualized solutions that will keep your facility running smoothly throughout its life cycle.
  • Project Management: Our clients choose us because we’re known for meeting aggressive deadlines for data center installation across a wide variety of verticals, and we’re prepared to offer innovative infrastructure solutions to your Huntsville facility too. We can source new or refurbished equipment that meets your budget and, if necessary, we can purchase and remove your old equipment.
  • Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management: MCFI can take a complete inventory of your current infrastructure to facilitate better decision-making across your organization. You’ll be able to avoid financial risks and improve cost efficiency with a detailed budget and key management insights gleaned from our detailed, value-focused audit.
  • Generator and UPS/Battery Maintenance: With MCFI, your Huntsville industrial generator and UPS equipment will undergo regular inspections to maintain optimal performance. Preventative maintenance for your generator or UPS in Huntsville can keep your systems running reliably for many years, and MCFI can save you time and money by providing our own personnel to get the job done.
  • UPS/Battery Replacement and Recycling: Because MCFI handles the details of your maintenance schedule, we’ll know when you need to replace your UPS batteries in Huntsville, and we’ll be able to get you replacement batteries before your current system batteries expire. We’ll also recycle the spent batteries at an EPA-compliant facility so you won’t need to spend time and money disposing of them properly.

What’s Different About Mission Critical Facilities International?

We’ve been a trusted name in the critical infrastructure industry for over 15 years. Our clients stay with us because of our commitment to ongoing support and the cost-effective recommendations we offer their facilities. When you need data center solutions in Huntsville, look no further than MCFI.

We hope you’ll also consider our ethical entrepreneurship when looking for a data center services provider. We believe a company should exist to do more than just make money, so regularly donate our time and resources to organizations that embody our core values and those of our clients. After Hurricane Harvey, for example, we donated to local animal hospitals and to the Houston Flood Relief fund. These practices are an important part of our company culture and give us a greater sense of purpose everywhere we work.

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