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Data Center Solutions in Houston

Most of us know about Houston’s history of technological advancement and aerospace development. Given its background and the high concentration of businesses and healthcare centers in the area, not to mention the need for backup systems because of occasional harsh weather from the Gulf of Mexico, there is a great demand for reliable data centers and mission critical facilities in Houston.

Whether you’re looking to begin construction on a new data center or you already operate facilities in Harris County, choose Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) for your next Houston project or services program. MCFI specializes in providing value-driven solutions for your power and cooling infrastructures, no matter how complex your project is. Our data center services in Houston will keep your equipment running reliably, and we can help you save substantially on operational costs as well.

Houston Region Generator and UPS Projects and Service Locations

A Full Suite of Data Center Services in Houston

MCFI focuses on providing you with end-to-end equipment and turnkey solutions so you can focus on running your business. Whether you’re setting up a new data center facility, modifying an existing facility, decommissioning an old facility, or looking to procure affordable data center equipment in Houston, our services have you covered. We have extensive experience at shutting down phased-out data centers while maximizing owner value. We also excel at sourcing hard-to-find equipment.

  • Turnkey Projects: We offer turnkey installation for UPS and generator projects throughout Houston, among other infrastructure solutions. MCFI also excels at dismantling all critical data center infrastructure within a given time frame and in a responsible manner.
  • Project Management: By providing our clients with a full range of project management services and a single point of contact, we take the burden of your next project off your shoulders. We manage all subcontractors and will communicate with you throughout the project, all while assisting with power and data center planning, supplying the equipment you need, and supervising installation.
  • Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management: We want to be your strategic partner by offering smooth, seamless planning, delivery, and ongoing management services throughout your infrastructure equipment’s life cycle. Our extensive service history is a good indicator for predicting future factors such as resource utilization and budgetary costs throughout the life cycle of your equipment.
  • Generator and UPS/Battery Maintenance: Routine inspections and preventative maintenance help the industrial generators and UPS(s) at your Houston sites continue running efficiently. Our team also handles time-sensitive repairs, usually within eight hours of your request. When your facility is struggling to source reliable backup power services for your generators and UPS(s), let us help.
  • UPS/Battery Replacement and Recycling: Avoid costly downtime at your Houston facilities with MCFI’s UPS battery and DC plant replacement services. Not only can we help extend your battery’s life through routine, proactive maintenance, but we will also inform you when a replacement is necessary and ship your used batteries to EPA-authorized recycling facilities.

Why Rely on Mission Critical Facilities International?

We place tremendous value upon our long-term relationships and take our customers’ needs very seriously. By conducting our business with the highest degree of professionalism and adhering to the highest ethical standards at all times, you can trust us to assist you with all of your data center services in Houston.

How to Get Started

We look forward to bringing an unmatched level of knowledge and creativity to your next Houston-based data center project. Call us at (877) 881-2781 or fill out our online contact form to get a fast response from one of our experts.