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Chattanooga can credit its centralized location at the crossroads of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee for its thriving economy across many industrial sectors, and the geography promises that the various industries in Chattanooga will continue to grow. The low cost of utilities and abundance of natural resources in the region make Chattanooga a profitable and appealing location for your next data center.

If you’re considering Chattanooga for your next data center or you already operate facilities in the region, choose Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) for all your Chattanooga data center services. Our experience with maintaining critical infrastructure in the U.S. and around the world will ensure that we keep your equipment running at optimum performance while saving you money on operational expenses.

Chattanooga Generator/UPS Projects and Service Locations


Chattanooga Data Center Services on Demand

No matter the size or scope of your critical infrastructure project, MCFI is ready and excited to assist you. We can connect you with skilled contractors and get the affordable data center equipment in Chattanooga for all your needs. You can focus on running your business while we focus on providing the quality customer service for which MCFI is known.

  • Turnkey Projects: We offer turnkey installations for UPS and industrial generator projects in Chattanooga. Are you setting up, expanding, or decommissioning a data center in the area? MCFI will provide you with the team and resources you need from our expansive professional network.
  • Project Management: MCFI is ready to handle all the complexities of your new or existing Chattanooga data center project. Whether you need help scheduling deadlines, finding new or refurbished equipment, or consulting us about where to begin, MCFI can be the single point of contact for all your Chattanooga infrastructure solutions.
  • Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management: With nearly two decades of critical infrastructure experience, MCFI is more than prepared to help you find smart, cost-effective solutions for your Chattanooga data centers. We’ll audit your portfolio and work with you to add the most value to your equipment and resources.
  • Generator and UPS/Battery Maintenance: Whether you have one data center or many in Chattanooga, we know the last thing you want to worry about is your generator or UPS failing during a power outage. MCFI can provide preventative UPS and industrial generator maintenance in Chattanooga to ensure the reliability of your data center equipment year-round.
  • UPS/Battery Replacement and Recycling: MCFI will work to maximize the life and performance of your UPS batteries, and we will let you know when you need a replacement. You can rest assured that MCFI’s professional technicians will not only replace your old UPS batteries in Chattanooga but recycle them for you at an EPA-compliant recycling center.

What’s Different About Mission Critical Facilities International?

MCFI knows customer service is only as good as the professionals providing it. We are always working to widen our trusted network of industry professionals to give your data center the highest quality of attention and care. These relationships allow us to give your data center infrastructure project expert assistance for all your needs.

With MCFI as your critical infrastructure services partner in Chattanooga, you’ll be working with a company who cares as much about adding value to the community as we do about adding value to your business. We believe in Conscious Capitalism, which is to say we operate in an ethical manner and use our skills and resources to better the world around us. We contribute to charities and complete volunteer projects all over the world, and we’re always looking for new ways to get involved.

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Learn more about the specialized data center solutions MCFI can offer you in Chattanooga. Call us at (877) 881-2781 or fill out our online contact form for a prompt response from one of our power and cooling experts.