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Augusta is most known for being the home of the Master’s, but as it continues to become both a business center and tourist destination in equal measure, there is a great need for data centers. With central access to coastal cities and major inland metropolitan areas, Augusta is fertile ground for data center services of all kinds.

Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) has experience in sourcing and maintaining data center equipment from Augusta to Amsterdam, in rural areas and cities alike. If you’re already operating facilities or looking to open a new data center in the region, choose us to help keep your facility’s power and cooling systems up and running at all times.

Augusta Region Recent Projects

Data Center Services on Demand in Augusta

In less densely populated areas, it can be a real challenge to find any contractors or equipment to help your operation run smoothly. That’s where MCFI comes in. We offer a full range of infrastructure solutions for any facilities in Augusta. It’s time to stop scouring the web for experts and equipment—leave that to us.

  • Turnkey Projects: MCFI can be trusted to handle all the moving pieces in your project because we’ve done it all thousands of times. We’ll find the best professionals within our network in the area to get you the help and guidance you need to build, expand, or decommission one of your data centers. We can manage any turnkey UPS or generator project in Augusta as well.
  • Project Management: MCFI will provide you with experts to help manage your infrastructure or backup power project on even the strictest of deadlines. Our straight-forward consultations can provide you with starting points for your project as well.
  • Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management: Cost-effective decisions are extremely important in larger scale projects. Our 15 years in the critical infrastructure business are priceless when it comes to helping you spend money the right way.
  • Generator and UPS/Battery Maintenance: Since we know generators and UPS batteries won’t last forever, we do all we can to extend their lives with proper maintenance. Our Augusta-based UPS and industrial generator preventative maintenance services are key to making your investment last as long as possible. Also, we are there to help with any unscheduled, time-sensitive repairs when you need them—typically within eight hours!
  • UPS/Battery Replacement and Recycling: UPS battery replacement in Augusta can be a real challenge, especially if there’s no EPA-compliant recycling center anywhere near you. By bringing new batteries to your facility, installing them, and transporting the old batteries to an approved recycling center, MCFI makes life a whole lot easier for you.

What’s Different About Mission Critical Facilities International?

Over the last 15 years, we’ve worked hard to develop incredible relationships with both our clients and our equipment manufacturers and distributors, as well as skilled contractors and electricians. Our track record helps us find the best of the best, making sure your Augusta infrastructure solutions are in the most capable hands with a timeline and budget that work for you.

You are our biggest priority, and since the bulk of our business is based on providing ongoing services, we know what we need to do to keep you as a customer. Of course, we are happy to help with a one-time project if that’s what you need, but we’d love to be the partner you count on whenever you require Augusta data center solutions.

We also set ourselves apart through our belief in Conscious Capitalism, the idea that money-making enterprises should behave ethically and contribute their resources to efforts that will improve society at large. We feel fortunate to have completed volunteer projects across the globe, and we look forward to taking on more.

Contact Us for Data Center Services and Equipment in Augusta

If you’d like to learn more about our Augusta data center solutions and equipment sourcing, give us a call at (877) 881-2781 or fill out our online contact form, and one of our power and cooling infrastructure experts will respond promptly. We’re excited to work with you to give you a top-notch mission critical facility.