Senior Electrical Engineer

Senior Electrical Engineer

Job Description

Responsible for technical leadership and/or development of customer-ordered solutions. Responsibilities include the design, implementation, testing, and startup of technical solutions created by yourself or others. Must collaborate with customers and other associates for the best solution and be willing and able to take direction from project management leaders. This position will require frequent updates to management and customers for work status updates.


  • BS Engineering degree (EE, ME, or equivalent practical experience) or equivalent educational background
  • Typically, a minimum of 10 years in the industry
  • PE licensure preferred; willingness to obtain a license (company sponsored) required
  • Excellent Interpersonal skills for collaboration and teamwork
  • Provide technical leadership on complex applications and solutions
  • Proven performance in stressful environments
  • Work duties could be performed on weekends or holidays to fulfill customer commitments
  • Duties will require travel and physical work such as climbing and carrying heavy loads
  • Duties in industrial facilities with harsh environments will be required

Required Leadership, Interpersonal, Business and Technical Skills/Abilities:


  • This position must work well within a team environment and provide input and feedback to both associates and customers for technical solutions
  • Must be able to lead the design/architecture of solutions and be accountable for the success or failure of the solution
  • This position provides technical leadership for proposal and estimation development and will require research and acquired knowledge


  • High level of project team interaction
  • This position must provide effective and positive feedback based on listening skills focused on successful project/customer systems and take ownership of technical solutions.
  • Must provide feedback on difficult technical and commercial solutions
  • Strongly self-motivated and a positive influence on the mentorship and development of other team members


  • The role will require complete ownership of applications typically ranging from $100K-$10.0M or less, including project margin management and utilization of other associates
  • A high level of understanding of the Company Job Management System, Engineering Standards, and Project Management standards is required, and an understanding and ownership of project forecasted technical, cost, and schedule baselines versus actuals is required
  • Duties could include design, development, specification, procurement, assembly, testing, quality assurance, and related engineering functions within a typical project


  • Typically utilized as a technical leader for specific skill sets
  • Familiarity and application of appropriate industry standards, codes, safety, and related requirements are required
  • Significant experience developing and instituting design, documentation, and process controls (submittals, peer and client reviews, acceptance processes, etc.)
  • Extension experience with mission-critical equipment and specifications (generators, switchgear, UPS, PDU, RPP, etc.)
  • Frequent and often "quick study" on new technologies is required; therefore, extensive research and reading for technical solutions are required
  • Often required to take ownership of technical applications and must be able to describe technical requirements to other team members
  • Ownership of functional specifications for applications is required

About Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI):

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI)is a global leader in critical infrastructure solutions for telecom, data center, power & utilities, manufacturing, oil & gas, healthcare, government, gaming, emergency operations and enterprises. Our experts have decades of experience in power generation maintenance, repair, project management and turnkey projects. Additionally, we provide GENIUS solutions, which include our GENIUS modular data center as well as our MicroGENIUS microgrid. MCFI has a proven work ethic, with hundreds of projects completed in various industries worldwide.

Company Offers

  • Competitive salary and excellent benefits package
  • Opportunity to advance career with a rapidly growing company
  • Private Equity exposure