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Data Center Solutions in Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri, is renowned for its barbecue, music, downtown area, and professional sports franchises. Because of its affordable housing and rapidly growing metro area, Kansas City is becoming a much more prominent city in the Midwest. This population growth has led to an increase in economic opportunities in the area, attracting an array of organizations from tech companies to universities.

All of these factors make Kansas City an obvious location for data centers and other mission critical facilities. If construction of a new data center is in your future, or if you’re currently operating a facility in the region, Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) is ready to assist you with all of your needs. Our experienced staff can procure reliable data center equipment in Kansas City and keep your facilities’ power and cooling systems running at optimal levels at all times.

Kansas City Generator and UPS Turnkey Projects and Service Locations


Kansas City Data Center Services on Demand

For the best critical infrastructure services available in Kansas City, trust the MCFI team. With years of industry experience and an emphasis on customer support, we deliver excellent results for our clients each and every time. Our full range of critical infrastructure solutions in Kansas City will not only keep your facility running properly but also takes the hassle out of searching for equipment. Thanks to our established relationships with vendors, we can source data center equipment in Kansas City in no time.

  • Turnkey Projects: As is normal in any data center project, there is a vast amount of moving parts that need to be accommodated for at all times. Thanks to our professional network, finding critical infrastructure solutions in Kansas City has never been easier. We have all the resources necessary to set up, decommission, or your data center. Planning a UPS turnkey project in Kansas City? We’re ready to help.
  • Project Management: When you need experts who can manage your infrastructure or backup power project on a strict deadline, turn to MCFI. If you’re not sure where to start with your project, we provide consultation services as well.
  • Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management: Whether you operate one data center or many in Missouri, our portfolio management services can help you make cost-effective decisions. We’ve been in the critical infrastructure business for more than 15 years, and we’ll use our experience to add value to your portfolio.
  • Generator and UPS/Battery Maintenance: UPS batteries and generators are not immortal, nor are they infallible, which means they must be maintained routinely. MCFI will take care of preventative maintenance for your UPS or industrial generator in Kansas City. We’re even adept at handling emergency situations and time-sensitive repairs, often attending to your issues within 8 hours of your request.
  • UPS/Battery Replacement and Recycling: Our team makes UPS battery replacements in Kansas City easy by providing EPA-compliant disposal and recycling. We’ll deliver new batteries to your facility before the current ones expire, install them, and transport the old batteries to a safe facility.

What’s Different About Mission Critical Facilities International?

The personal relationships we establish with our clients is what separates us from other critical infrastructure specialists. We form strong working relationships with distributors, contractors, electricians, and manufacturers all over the country. This trusted network allows us to provide solutions that can fit any budget and timeline.

Most of our work is based on providing ongoing services. If you’re in need of solutions for a one-time Kansas City data center project, we can help, but if you’re looking to establish a partnership with a reputable company that you can count on for all your data center needs, we’re ready for that as well.

The MCFI team practices Conscious Capitalism: the belief that companies have an ethical obligation to conduct business in a way that benefits both their local communities and the world at large. We’re happy to donate our time, money, and skills to charities and volunteer projects across the globe, from contributing to Hurricane Harvey relief in Texas to building critical infrastructure for hospitals in Guatemala.

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Learn more about our Kansas City data center solutions and equipment sourcing capabilities. Call us at (877) 881-2781 or fill out our online contact form and one of our power and cooling infrastructure experts will respond promptly. We’re looking forward to the chance to work with you on your mission critical facility.